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Sustainable cities

5th August 2020

Are you interested in taking part in the discussion on how urbanisation can be used to achieve sustainable development? Take a look at how we are contributing to this important global debate and your different routes to publication. 

Fact: 5 billion people will live in cities by 2030.

台湾妹娱乐中文网,台湾佬娱乐网Your research today solves the sustainability problems of tomorrow… Let us help you reach your goals.

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As an award-winning independent publisher, we are committed to helping communities make decisions that count, based on research that matters. We are looking to build on the amount of meaningful research we support and publish in this field and would like to hear more about your current research, particularly if it covers one of our priority areas.

We have a number of routes to publication: journals, books, cases and our open access programme. Get in touch with publisher Gemma Hemming to discuss your options.

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Key topics

  • Climate sustainability, climate adaptation and mitigation
  • Conservation of urban heritage
  • Disaster resilience of urban areas
  • Environmental impact and energy efficiency
  • Economic and social effects of urban living
  • Governance and policies of cities
  • Infrastructure and buildings
  • Liveability, health and the urban environment
  • Smart cities
  • Sustainable transportation
  • Urban planning and growth
  • Urban regeneration, housing and gentrification

Latest research and calls for papers

Listen to the discussion with the guest editors and some authors of a special issue from the Disaster Prevention and Management journal – 'The L'Aquila earthquake 10 years on (2009-2019): impacts and state-of-the-art’.

Is there still need – and perhaps now more than ever – to talk and reflect about the earthquake 10 years later?

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Our authors share their experience in the field in our blog. 


台湾妹娱乐中文网,台湾佬娱乐网 A Q&A with Emerald Open Research author David Ness We wanted to find out more about how Adjunct Professor David Ness of School of Natural and…

15th April 2020

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台湾妹娱乐中文网,台湾佬娱乐网This year the theme of the annual Healthy City Design International Congress, ‘Designing for utopia or dystopia? People and planetary health at a…

台湾妹娱乐中文网,台湾佬娱乐网28th October 2019

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台湾妹娱乐中文网,台湾佬娱乐网As current projections indicate that the majority of the world’s future population will live in urban areas, cities play a central role in the…

台湾妹娱乐中文网,台湾佬娱乐网24th October 2018

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Professor David Proverbs, co-editor of International Journal of Building Pathology and Adaptation (IJBPA), has over ten years’ of experience as a…

22nd June 2018

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台湾妹娱乐中文网,台湾佬娱乐网Dr Charles Musselwhite is Associate Professor in Gerontology at the Centre for Innovative Ageing at Swansea University. He has a keen interest in…

台湾妹娱乐中文网,台湾佬娱乐网2nd June 2018

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Publish your work on Emerald Open Research, our open access platform that supports an open data policy and open peer review process. 

台湾妹娱乐中文网,台湾佬娱乐网The Sustainable Cities gateway addresses urban challenges such as unplanned urban sprawl and inadequate urban infrastructure, housing and services whilst also focusing on how to create resilient, sustainable, liveable cities for all.

Recent books

Visit our  to see all our latest publications.

Ensure Access to Affordable Reliable Sustainable and Modern Energy

Ensure Access to Affordable Reliable Sustainable and Modern Energy

Godwell Nhamo, et al

View the book
Shaping Smart Mobility Futures book cover

Shaping Smart Mobility Futures: Governance and Policy Instruments in Times of Sustainability Transitions

台湾妹娱乐中文网,台湾佬娱乐网Alexander Paulsson and Claus Hedegaard Sørensen

View the book
Urban governance book cover

Urban Governance and Smart City Planning: Lessons from Singapore

Zaheer Allam

View the book
Drones book cover

Drones: the Brilliant, the Bad and the Beautiful

Andy Miah

View the book
Ecologically-Compatible Urban Planning book cover

Ecologically-Compatible Urban Planning: Designing a Healthier Environment

台湾妹娱乐中文网,台湾佬娱乐网Stefano Salata

View the book
Investigating Spatial Inequalities book cover

Investigating Spatial Inequalities: Mobility, Housing and Employment in Scandinavia and South-East Europe

Peter Gladoić Håkansson and Helena Bohman

View the book
Smart Villages book cover

Smart Villages in the EU and Beyond

Anna Visvizi, Miltiadis D. Lytras and György Mudri

View the book

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台湾妹娱乐中文网,台湾佬娱乐网Get in touch with publisher Gemma Hemming to discuss your different routes to publication: journals, books, cases and our open access programme.

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