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Engineering, Computing & Technology eJournal Portfolio

Impactful research on the technological innovations that are transforming our future.

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Make best use of your budget by choosing from over 300 journals in 13 subject specific collections or combine subject collections to build a bespoke eJournal library.


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An essential resource for anybody working or studying in the Education sector, this growing collection of journals covers all the core themes and topics.

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台湾妹娱乐中文网,台湾佬娱乐网Widely used by global organisations across the aerospace, automotive, industrial and manufacturing sectors, this collection is a high-quality, specialist portfolio.

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Health & Social Care

Our thought-provoking Health & Social Care collection explores real-world scenarios and offers recommended improvements and solutions from leading thinkers in the field.

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Information & Knowledge Management

Subscribe to this influential collection and you gain access to titles that have won global recognition in the field of Knowledge Management.

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Library & Information Sciences

台湾妹娱乐中文网,台湾佬娱乐网This interdisciplinary and outward-looking collection features research which intersects with information systems and education.

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This library of 23 Marketing journals has been capturing key developments in Marketing theory and practice for more than 50 years now.

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Operations, Logistics & Quality

台湾妹娱乐中文网,台湾佬娱乐网This portfolio is indispensable to both researchers and professionals in the field of Operations, Logistics and Quality Management.

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Property Management & Built Environment

Coverage of traditional areas, such as construction and property management, alongside exploration of emerging trends, such as disaster resilience, smart cities, and sustainable development.

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Public Policy & Environmental Management

This globally relevant collection explores the key challenges facing researchers and policy-makers worldwide, from climate change to disaster risk management.

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Tourism & Hospitality Management

台湾妹娱乐中文网,台湾佬娱乐网Niche and focused, our Tourism & Hospitality Management collection explores both contemporary management disciplines and emerging areas of interest.

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Featured articles

See our recent articles from a range of multidisciplinary themes

Digital world


International Journal of Intelligent Unmanned Systems



Accounting Auditing & Accountability Journal

Future of work


Journal of Service Management

Environment and sustainability


Sustainability Accounting Management and Policy Journal



Advances in Autism

Policy science


Journal of Science and Technology Policy Management



International Journal of Physical Distribution & Logistics Management

Responsible management


Young Consumers Insight and Ideas for Responsible Marketers

Strategic management


Management Decision



Journal of Documentation

Technology and Innovation


Industrial Management & Data Systems

Discover articles linked to UN Sustainable Development Goals

No poverty


China Agricultural Economic Review

No hunger


British Food Journal

Better health


Journal of Integrated Care

Quality Education


International Journal of Comparative Education and Development

Gender Equality


Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Clean water


SDG6 – Clean Water and Sanitation: Balancing the Water Cycle for Sustainable Life on Earth

Clean energy


World Journal of Science, Technology and Sustainable Development

Economic growth



Journal of Science and Technology Policy Management

Industry, Innovation, Infrastructure


Business Process Management Journal

Less inequality



International Journal of Human Rights in Healthcare

Sustainable cities


Smart and Sustainable Built Environment

Responsible Production & Consumption



Industrial Management & Data Systems

Climate action


Disaster Prevention and Management

Under water


International Journal of Climate Change Strategies and Management

Life on land



International Journal of Climate Change Strategies and Management

Peace & Justice



International Journal of Tourism Cities



International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education

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